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NetSetGo (6 -10 years)

Games at Lofberg Rd are umpired by a parent from each team. Fixtures are here on the KNA website

Playing Times

 Indicative game times are on the registration page

Grounds Duty Roster

Grounds Duty Procedures
NetSetGo Rules

Things to remember on game day


Remember to sound confident, the children are looking to you to help them learn the rules.
You will need a whistle and access to a coin to toss at the commencement of the game.
Check the appropriate Size 4 ball is ready for use and toss for first centre pass.
Dress code for umpires is not strictly enforced however sensible clothing such as a track suit and appropriate footwear is mandatory.

Rotating positions

Players must experience all positions over the course of the program/season. KNA have rotation sheets that must be followed. KNA Rotation Sheets

All teams must rotate players up to and including week/round 7 (1st June 2023).  Players need to move into a different third of the court each half e.g. players cannot play GD first half and GK second half.  From week/round 8 (8th June 2023) Coaches can move players into more permanent positions. 9 years players cannot be borrowed into any games played at Lofberg Netball Courts, even if an 8 year old is playing up in 9 years age team.

Centre Pass

The initial Centre Pass will be taken by the team that won the toss and all other Centre Passes shall be taken by the team that did not score the last goal.

Awards and Scoring

Scores may be kept but no ladder produced. No final matches should be played. Each participant in the competition should be given a memento of participation e.g. a medal.

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