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Managing a Team

Managers are the glue that keep the team together. The manager keeps everyone informed about what is going on throughout the season. At the beginning of the year there is a coaches and managers meeting where the managers are given the information and tools they need to do their job. 

Managing is an enjoyable and rewarding role because a manager gets to guide the team, gets to know all the parents and players as well as providing an important connection between the team, the Club and Ku-ring-gai Netball Association (KNA). 

Each team needs to have a manager. This is decided among the parents of junior players or members of a senior team. 
The main responsibilities of a manager are to:


  • Keep members of the team informed about any matters relating to the team and/or the competition 

  • Ensure there are enough players each week

  • Observe training sessions (juniors) if the coach requires extra assistance

  • Collect the scoreboard on game day

  • Score, or assign someone to score

  • Ensure the scoreboard is returned

  • Be across the borrowing rules to make sure players are not illegally borrowed


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