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Policies and Forms

Wet Weather

KNA makes the decision about whether the days games (in full or in part) will be cancelled. KNA typically makes a ‘slot by slot’ decision until it becomes apparent if the entire day will be cancelled. It is not often KNA cancels an entire day. 


Wet weather information can be reliably found on the KNA website. 


Training: It is up to the coach and manager of a team to cancel training if the weather is considered to be not suitable.

Netball NSW Code of Conduct

Netball Australia, Netball NSW and Affiliates seek to provide a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone involved in netball.
To achieve this, Netball Australia, Netball NSW and Affiliates require certain standards of behaviour of players/athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents/guardians (of child participants) and spectators.

Video and Live Streaming

WPNC believes the videoing and live streaming of club netball matches does not protect the privacy of both our and the oppositions players. Please refrain from any videoing or live streaming of club netball games. Our Policy can be found here.

Grading Policy

Teams in the 9, 10, 11, 12, Intermediate (13-14) and Cadet (15-17) age groups are graded.
More information on the grading can be viewed in the Teams section


West Pymble Netball Club Constitution

Borrowing Players

If you need to borrow a player from another team, please ensure you follow the guidelines outlined on KNA 2022 Borrowing Guidelines and borrow from the allowed teams stated for your specific age and grade.

Information Guide

This Information guide has important information needed for the 2023 winter netball season. Please take the time to read through it. If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our Committee Members. Your involvement in the Club in any capacity is essential for its continued existence. There are various committee positions that need to be filled as well as other requests for assistance during the season. Please consider volunteering your time to ensure the continued success and growth of the West Pymble Netball Club. Please refer to the Guide here

Ear Rings

The KNA has released its 2021 Ear Ring policy

Forfeit Policy

Please ensure you have consulted the KNA borrowing guidelines in an attempt to avoid a forfeit. If a team needs to forfeit, they must contact our Club Secretary via email, with team number, grade and surname of first player listed in team. For forfeits on the day, clubs (either manager, coach or club official) should e-mail KNA Senior Registrar AND the KNA secretary, copy our Club Secretary AND MUST phone Canoon Road complex on 02 9988 3338.  

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