Spring Comp 2019 – Umpire Requirements

Details for umpiring for the Spring Comp

Umpiring NetSetGo Lofberg Rd 2018

Games at Lofberg Rd are umpired by a parent from each team. The NetSetGo page contains further information about umpiring NetSetGo at the Lofberg courts.

Umpiring Canoon Rd 2018

NetSetGo games (9s) games at Canoon Rd are played as a transition from NetSetGo to Netball. This means that the rules will transition as the season progresses. For more information refer to the 9s rules below.

From 1 January 2018 there are new updates to the Official Rules of Netball reflect the amendments to the 2016 rules that were approved at INF Congress in July 2017 and are not new rules, but small changes.

The amendments include:

  • New definitions of breaking, pivot and set (for a free pass and penalty pass)
  • The sanction if a free pass or penalty pass is taken in an incorrect position
  • When a player who is in the correct position may take the penalty pass
  • Umpires hold time to give a caution and new caution signal added
  • Change of ‘official warning’ to ‘warning’ throughout rules book
  • Suspension period is 2 minutes playing time
  • State when a player may move into the court surround
  • Minor tidy up to remove duplication and provide clarity

2018 Summary of Rule Changes

2018 Rules of Netball