Grand Finalists

Congratulations to the following teams who played in the Grand Finals:

B3 – WP7  – Runners Up

B4 – WP8 – Winners

CAD1 – WP16 – Runners Up

CAD5 – WP19 – Runners Up

INT1 – WP21 – Runners Up

12C – WP30 – Winners

11A – WP32 – Winners

10A – WP35 – Winners

10D – WP38 – Winners

Shoosh for Kids Campaign

KNA have signed up to support the Shoosh for Kids Campaign. The Shoosh for Kids Campaign is aimed at promoting positive behaviour at Junior sport.

Here are some great ideas on how you can support this great Campaign!

2018 Changes to Rules of Netball

From 1 January 2018 there are new updates to the Official Rules of Netball reflect the amendments to the 2016 rules that were approved at INF Congress in July 2017 and are not new rules, but small changes.

The amendments include:

  • New definitions of breaking, pivot and set (for a free pass and penalty pass)
  • The sanction if a free pass or penalty pass is taken in an incorrect position
  • When a player who is in the correct position may take the penalty pass
  • Umpires hold time to give a caution and new caution signal added
  • Change of ‘official warning’ to ‘warning’ throughout rules book
  • Suspension period is 2 minutes playing time
  • State when a player may move into the court surround
  • Minor tidy up to remove duplication and provide clarity

2018 Summary of Rule Changes

2018 Rules of Netball

Stoppage – Injury/Illness and Blood Rule

There continues to be some confusion amongst players, coaches, managers and umpires concerning the new rules around management of injuries. The new Rule state that when a player calls time for injury or the player or umpire calls time for blood, the player concerned must leave the court within 30 seconds and receive any treatment off the court. The 30 seconds is, therefore, time granted to leave the court and not time during which the player may decide if she is fit to continue.

If an injury occurs, the affected team may replace the player (and make other substitutions and changes) or may leave the position empty.  The other team may also make substitutions and changes within the 30 second time limit.

If the position is left empty, the injured player may retake the court at the next interval, at another injury stoppage or after a centre pass. If the position is filled, the injured player may only retake the court at the next interval or at another injury stoppage.

KNA have made the following suggestions:

  1. For the younger grades (U9 – U11) common sense should prevail.  If a player falls over or is hit by a ball and really only needs a few seconds to be comforted, she should be allowed to remain on court whilst that occurs.  If the player does need to leave the court, this should occur as quickly as possible. For the older grades (U12 and up), the above rules should be applied.
  1. Coaches and managers should remind the players of the above rules – emphasising that time should only be called when a player in fact wishes to leave the court and especially discouraging calling time for another player on court.

Rules of Netball