Tent Roster

Each Senior team is rostered on to take down the West Pymble Club Tent and put the tent and table away in the container next to Court 2.  WPNC 2018 Tent Roster

Borrowing Guidelines

  • If you need to borrow a player from another team, please ensure you follow the guidelines outlined on KNA 2018 Borrowing Guidelines and borrow from the allowed teams stated for your specific age and grade

Forfeit Procedures

  1. Please ensure you have consulted the KNA borrowing guidelines in an attempt to avoid a forfeit. Forfeits need to be the absolute last resort and you will find that teams are happy to help out if you are short players. If you have trouble contacting any teams that are within the borrowing guidelines, please let the Managers Convenor know and as a club we will see what we can do to assist.
  2. If a team needs to forfeit, you must contact the Club Secretary. If this is before 5.00pm day before game day, please email Club Secretary or text Rhonda on 0416 404 469. You will need to provide:
    • Team number
    • Grade
    • Surname of first listed player in the team

    If the forfeit occurs on game day the Team Manager must text or ring Rhonda on 0416 404 469.

    You will receive confirmation of the forfeit.

Score Sheet

  • Managers need to ensure there is a Scorer for each game. The scorer must stand with the scorer from the opposition team to score the game. The scorers also need to check the opposition signatures are correct using the signature sheet from the opposition team.
  • Completing the Score Sheet

If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the Managers Convenor.