WPNC would like to say congratulations to all our teams on a great 2019 Season.

You have done us proud on the Netball Courts at both Lofberg and Canoon.

We look forward to seeing you all on our Club Day August 25 at the WP Bowlo!

One very important note, when your season finishes, please leave your kit (cleaned of any rubbish, and bibs /patches recently washed) at the WPNC tent at Canoon Rd on your last day of play.

For Lofberg teams, and those who have forgotten to leave their kits at Canoon, please bring them to Club Day on August 25.

WPNC would also like to congratulate the following teams on making the Semi-Finals, and wish you all the best for your finals campaign:

WP Semi-Finals
A1 – WP1
A2 – WP2, WP3
A4 – WP6
B4 – WP7
B5 – WP8
C1 – WP9
Cadet1 – WP11
Cadet3 – WP12
Cadet4 – WP13, WP14
Cadet5 – WP15
Inter1 – WP17
Inter2 – WP18
Inter3 – WP20
Inter4 – WP21
12A – WP24
11A – WP27
11B – WP28
10A – WP31