Role Name Phone Email
President Loraine Unicomb M: 0419 686 704
H: 9403 3700
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Vice President Giselle Stollznow M: 0413 273 312 Send an Email
Treasurer Lydia Thomson
Secretary Rhonda Dekker M: 0416 404 469 Send an Email
Public Officer TBA
Senior Registrar Susie Fletcher M: 0407 232 912 Send an Email
Junior Registrar Naomi Brooker M: 0416 563 779 Send an Email
Umpires Convenor Renee Woodbridge

Michelle McNamara

Madi Unicomb

M: 0431 321 292

M: 0413 303 726

M: 0487 139 196

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Coaching Convenor Larissa Daniel M: 0431 379 678 Send an Email
Managers Convenor Tiffany Judson M: 0419 537 111 Send an Email
Property/Equipment Officer Send an Email
Uniform Convenor Wendy Hawkins H: 8901 3007 Send an Email
NetSetGo Co-ordinator Jenny Willits  Send an Email
Grounds Duty Roster Alicja Blackburn
Senior Grading Convenor Claire Dombkins M: Send an Email
Junior Grading Convenor Amy Huntley M: 0418 995 820 Send an Email
Spring/Night Competition Convenor Naomi Brooker Send an Email
KNA Delegate Amy Huntley
Michelle McNamara
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